Karla Solis Zuniga, CEO and Creative Designer, created the "solizuni #bodymeasurements COLLECTION" clothing line to solve the problem of fit. Since 2014, Karla has worked on finding a way to help her shop online with the confidence of knowing that what she purchases online will actually fit. While many companies are adopting body scanning technologies and applications that capture body measurement data, there is still a need for public access to that data. The best solution is actually in the creation of accurate measurement information that can be shared with all. The signature solizuni design features a personalized body measurement hashtag of bust, waist, and hips. 

A customer with bust size of 36 inches, a waist size of 28, and hips measurement of 38 inches would choose the #362838 dress. Tops use a bust and waist measurement combination, sports bras use bust measurement, and leggings use hips measurement (the black leggings pictured below show size 30 inch hips).